xjack1233x in VSF uniform

xjack1233x is the current leader and Founder of Valkyrie Special Forces. xjack1233x originally joined in 2009 as jackj, but after been Banned because of hackers, he created xjack1233x. he is the Commander of VSF and joined in 2012 as xjack1233x, he is active.


JackJ DeletionEdit

During the downfall of Valkyrie Legion(See History ), xjack created VSF, as a last stand for Valkyrie Legion to win against the resistance. After Valkyrie Legion was gone into a decline and disbanded, VSF became the head of Valkyrie. in January 2012, xjack1233x was banned, he used his account xjack1233x to assume control of VSF.

VSF Formation and Dark agesEdit

The only members of the High Command from VL to carry over to VSF were xjack1233x, between February 2012 and August 2012, VSF was inactive, and many people used the terms, "Dark ages of Valkyrie". But During this time, the members of VSF, (Only 60) were Training, Making Tech, HQs and Forts, They were told not to talk about anything that happen in VSF or they would be exiled. On the 29th of August 2012, xjack posted on his twitter saying "VSF is back! Membership is open!", after this 600 join requests were accepted, and VSF was growing fast.

Outpost AxeloEdit

On december 2012, xjack created Outpost Axelo, the main and considered the best Fort of VSF, the fort featured many GUIs, weapons and Cutscenes, Outpost axelo brought 500 members to VSF.

Golden AgeEdit

In Feburary 2013, xjack1233x created a game that stayed on the front page for 10 days, In it was a ad telling people to Join VSF. Over 2000 people joined, and VSF had over 3000 members, this was described as the Golden age of VSF, were they got more than 3000 members, were involved and won many wars and were highly skilled.

Jack Z-AEdit

xjack1233x had been a youtuber since 2008, but had no recognition, in March 2013, he created the Zombie Apocalypse Remake, which gained 150,000 views, hr gained 1500 subscribers from this, and continued to make Youtube videos, Many of the subscribers went on to join VSF, and xjack1233x was now known in the roblox community as a famous YouTuber.


On the 26th of August 2013, xjack decided to make VSF a invite only clan, and only the best of VSF were allowed to stay in VSF, 3000 of the 3500 members were exiled.


In early December 2013, xjack1233x created the VSF elite Squad, a group for the best of the best in VSF, after getting many requests, he decided to open up VSF once again to the public, over 5000 people joined, and VSF allied many superclans including Vortex Special Ops, Sky Clan of ROBLOX and Urban Spet-Naz.

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