Xavier robox photo



xavierseminio2011 is a Captian in VSF, he is mainly a SwordFighter, he is Active and join in Janurary 2014.

Roblox CareerEdit

The first time when xavier stared roblox is when he  used an other account. The name was KingJay2001 then when he notice he messed up in robux and got scammed in something. He started a new xavier and started  training as a Sword Fighter.

His first goup was VE it was ok untill he realised that HRs were abusing people and that people were so rude. Xavier got tierd of VE. The Next group he joined was BWE the group was alirght but it was like VE, they started abusing members. He tried to become the best but he was demoted. Xavier Joined the VSF he made many freinds on VSF all his hard work was worth it, Azza and rifkin helped xavier trought his journey.

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