merto01 is Guardian in VSF , he is also a veteran


His skills are mostly obby and sword and he mostly focuses on sword because he is expert at obby and really bad at gun fighting

His Roblox CareerEdit

First merto01 was a alt account of oodama02 then he gave that account to his brother in real life, after that he started playing with merto01 but there was somethnig different , he loved obby games and quickly finish them while other players are at half of it , then he played sword fight on heights a lot so he learned his basic skills......

After a while he met his friend jacksonfurby which made him wanna join F.E.A.R , it was very hard in trainings because high MR's are continuously killing him at trainings but he got 2-3 promotions after quite a while , then he quit F.E.A.R and joining other Superclans and he learned different things from every clan he joined and finally he met xjack1233x.

They met each other at Territory Conquest game (merto01's favorite game) then jack invited merto to VSF then after merto joined , jack tested merto's skills after testing his skills jack saw that he is Experienced and a great sword fighter, jack promoted merto to higher ranks.

Everything were good until merto met RNW , It was a superclan and respected merto01 and made him even better , at that point RNW invited merto to its divison but merto had no group space left then merto left VSF.

Then one day merto wondered what happened to VSF and joined the group, it was amazing VSF was almost superclan with lots of members and active.

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