Me :D


Fome2001 is currently ranked Prime in VSF. I am also a veteran (joined VSF in Feb. 2013)

^^My Roblox Profile^^

~ Please Add Me Or Send Me A Message

~ I Know I'm Not The Best So Don't Hate Cause I Can See It O_O

~ Call me Roy (From the amazing Roy Harper)

~ Lastly my only Alt. is roythemagnificent


Sword Fighting 8.5/10 (9 On A Good Day) 

Ranged Weapons 10/10 IM JUST A NATURAL 

Driving/Flying Vehicles 8/10 Honestly Depends 

Building 6.5/10 :( IM PRETTY BAD 


Active 9/10 YUP 

Memory 9/10 :P 

Scripting 5/10 :( 

Stealth 9/10 <<TRUE :P

Me In RobloxEdit

I would just like to say a bit about myself:

I joined ROBLOX June, 29 2012.

VSF was my very first group, and i joined in Feburary 2013 and im still in it. I was also in other groups but they had their con's so i left them, but VSF as allways been in my groups and all ways been my primary and all ways will be. i have full uniform, and im currently the rank Prime. 

I try to attend as many trainings as possible but most that are held are 5:00 AM where I live,so that makes it hard to get promotions. I am a very creative and unique/original person. i love ROBLOX and enjoy these games/obby's:Tycoons,obbys, any games with swords/guns, any games with stamper tools, and much more. thanks for reading, Snow/Roy <<PS. both are nicnames that I like.

P.SS: My real life name is Yuuki Hosokawa


  • Become HR and train LR/MR
  • Have a better relationship with the members of VSF

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